Experience the Core Sound waters and barrier island shorelines from an entirely new perspective with a tour or a trip to the Cape Lookout National Seashore that’s chartered by Local Yokel Ferry and Tours. This locally owned and operated business is one of a handful of ferry and tour providers that operates out of Harkers Island, and as a result, visitors will enjoy an in-depth perspective of the coastal region from a native’s viewpoint, while enjoying remarkable glimpses of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, the Harkers Island waterfront, and an innumerable array of wild sights along the way.

Local Yokel is located along Island Road in Harkers Island, which makes it accessible for visitors staying in the Beaufort area, the Morehead City region, and the northern sections of the Crystal Coast. From this launching point, visitors can embark on a reasonably priced exploration of the Cape Lookout National Seashore and the Shackleford Banks, where wild horses and the historic lighthouse can be admired. Visitors can easily customize an expedition to explore the beaches, see a specific region of the 55+ mile-long shoreline, or all of the above, ensuring a family-friendly excursion that can be perfectly catered to veritably any explorer’s wild taste. 

Harkers Island
The Inn at Pine Knoll Shores