• This is a past event. We will update next upcoming event details as soon as they are available.

A favorite celebration for more than 15 years, the annual Carolina Chocolate Festival is a welcome event for food lovers who want to indulge a sweet tooth in seemingly endless ways in the heart of the Crystal Coast. Held at the Crystal Coast Civic Center in Morehead City, and overflowing with activities that can range from tastings to spa trips, the Carolina Chocolate Festival is a decadent celebration that shows how sweet life can be along the beach.

Visitors will find plenty of ways to stay entertained at the Carolina Chocolate Festival, as there are multiple events occurring throughout the multiple-day celebration of chocolate. Attendees can nibble on homemade treats and tasting provided by local vendors, can participate in or marvel at the creations made for the annual bake-off, and can even enjoy a few supplemental activities that are all about relaxation, like various spa services and specials, or golfing at the local Crystal Coast courses. Benefiting area charities in Carteret County and beyond, this delicious festival that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Crystal Coast region provides ample fun ways to indulge while doing a world of good, and promoting a wealth of local worthy causes.