• Friday, October 22nd - Saturday, October 23rd

Have a lot of stamina and want to explore the coastal North Carolina region in its entirety? Then you’ll want to grab your friends and family and sign up for the massive but all-around fun Tuna Run 200 Relay. This relay race that extends more than 200 miles from start to finish takes participants on a fascinating tour of eastern North Carolina, and eventually lands in the heart of the Crystal Coast in the sunny town of Atlantic Beach.

The Tuna Run 200 Relay is traditionally tackled by teams of 4 to 12 people, who divide the 36 legs of the 200+ mile race into manageable increments as they make their way to the coast. Participants who don’t want to embark on the entire trek also have the option to sign up for shorter runs, which includes the Tuna Run 70 Relay, which starts in the town of Trenton, and which only encompasses 12 legs, or roughly 70 miles total. Spectators who don’t want to run but who want to catch the action can also head to the main public beach access in Atlantic Beach to cheer at the finish line. From athletes to visitors, everyone can find something to root for with the Tuna Run 200 Relay.