• This is a past event. We will update next upcoming event details as soon as they are available.

Come and marvel as a fleet of wooden boats are constructed from start to finish before your eyes at this competition that pits boat-builders against each other in one of the most anticipated events of the Annual Wooden Boat Show. The BoatBuilding Challenge is an event that's been going strong for more than 15 years as of 2024, and the competition features 18 teams who will battle it out to craft the best wooden boat in just four hours’ time.

The 18 teams of two will each get a set of boat plans, a stack of wood, and just four hours to create a finished vessel from these raw materials. Sometimes, the plans and building go just as expected, but more often than not, teams will face a number of variables and obstacles along the way, adding extra excitement to the competition. Spectators are welcome to head to the competition area throughout the day to see the progress, and can also swing by at the end of the Saturday afternoon event to hear the final results and inevitable winners. Exciting for everyone involved - from the teams, to the judges, to the folks looking on - the Annual Boatbuilding Challenge is an exciting way to experience the maritime culture of Beaufort.