Located in a charming but unimposing brick building in the heart of downtown Morehead City, the Arts Council of Carteret County is the region’s premier resource for discovering a wealth of local talents that call the Crystal Coast home.  

The mission of the Arts Council of Carteret County is to encourage and promote the arts in the Carteret County area, and the organization does this through a myriad of unique programs and special events. The Council hosts a wide array of art gallery receptions and special exhibits throughout the year, which focuses on a local artist, medium, or theme that perfectly ties in with the Crystal Coast waterfront lifestyle. In addition, the Arts Council of Carteret County works with a number of other local businesses and / or organizations to bring a variety of programs, shows, and other engaging events to the area, which can range from performances by the acclaimed Carteret Community Theatre, to special art classes or activities at the local Down East Library and other venues about town. A wonderful organization that’s shining a spotlight on the diverse and distinctive arts scene of the Crystal Coast, the Arts Council of Carteret County is the place to go to discover this talented coastal region.  

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