Where do you go when you want to uncover all the exceptional fishing holes of the New Bern area and miles beyond? Head to Captain Segull Fishing Charts – a unique destination that’s located on the outskirts of the downtown area, and which features everything visitors need to find the perfect waters for a fishing or boating adventure. Featuring a helpful and friendly staff who are happy to point the way, Captain Segull Fishing Charts is a great resource for both visiting and local anglers that want to explore the Inner Banks region to the fullest.

Captain Segull Fishing Charts has a far-reaching range of both fishing and nautical charts that help shed light on the local waters, as well as the variety of fish species that call them home. The staff at Captain Segull Fishing Charts are happy to recommend charts, identification sheets, and other products that will prove to be the most helpful for an angler or mariner, depending on their goals, and visitors can also peruse the variety of charts available online at the store’s website. With a captivating collection of charts, and a local setting in New Bern, Captain Segull Fishing Charts is a launching point for a variety of on-the-water adventures.  

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