• Saturday, April 4th

Brighten your spring getaway with this engaging event that will have kids grinning from ear to ear. The Easter Eggstreme is a special celebration that is geared towards kids from 1 to 10, and which features a large collection of activities that are completely free for visiting and local children alike. From cake walks, and spoon races, to an appearance by the Easter Bunny himself, this special morning celebration is sure to make any Easter holiday in Emerald Isle even brighter.

Easter Eggstreme is held in the heart of town just a stone’s throw away from the beach, and kids will find that there is plenty to do during this morning event. Children can enjoy the on-site bounce house, take part in the egg and spoon races, and participate in the cake walk before joining in the massive Easter egg hunt throughout the grounds. Once the hunt is over, the Easter Bunny will stop by to say hello to the kids, capping off a wonderful and celebratory morning. Free for all attendees, and serving as a great way for the kids to enjoy a little Easter fun while on vacation along the Crystal Coast, the Easter Eggstreme event is a crowd pleaser that children of all ages will adore.