Visitors who want to discover a host of local and regional artists from the New Bern area and beyond can start their exploration at the Greater Good Gallery. This unique art gallery that is situated in the heart of the downtown region is stocked with eye-catching pieces that are truly one of a kind, and which will enchant art fans of all tastes.

The Greater Good Gallery is located along Craven Street, and as a result, is nicely easy to reach for visitors staying throughout the New Bern area and beyond. The gallery’s displays and array of artworks change on a regular basis as new talents are showcased, and visitors can expect to find a collection of pottery and sculpture pieces, paintings and prints, photography, jewelry, and other unique goodies that can’t be found anywhere else in town. The Greater Good Gallery also hosts regular special events, which includes a regular participation in the year-long art crawls, and is a fun place to peruse throughout the year. With an ever-changing array of artworks that are sure to inspire patrons and visitors, the Greater Good Gallery is a fine spot to explore for visitors of all interests who love to discover new artists.

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