Hungry Emerald Isle vacationers won’t be disappointed by the ridiculously huge pizzas that are served up regularly by Lazzara’s Pizza & Subs. With gigantic slices and rich toppings, as well as other Italian fare for diners who aren’t in a pizza mood, Lazzara’s is the spot to go to feed a big hungry family.

The pizzas come in multiple sizes, including small, medium, large, the Sicilian 16” square, and the 24” Godfather size, which is an impressively decadent sight. There are roughly 16 toppings to add on to a pie, which includes hearty extras like steak, grilled chicken, breakfast bacon, and big handfuls of beef. In addition to the pizza, Lazzara’s also offers half-plate sized calzones & Strombolis, a delicious variety of classic and deli-style subs, (in half and whole portions), salads, appetizers, and a selection of pasta dishes like manicotti, lasagna, and spaghetti with meatballs, chicken or sausage. Visitors who have room can also order dessert, which includes cheesecake and cannoli. Delivery, take-out and in-house dining are all available, allowing patrons to choose how to stuff themselves with the gooey Italian staples.

Perfect for ravenous families and parties of all sizes, the sheer size of the Godfather pizzas at Lazzara’s Pizza & Subs makes this beloved destination an Emerald Isle legend.

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