Visitors can enjoy a heaping taste of Louisiana without ever venturing outside the coastal Inner Banks region with a visit to Mama Callie's Louisiana Seafood. Located on the edges of the historic downtown area, this popular James City destination offers big helpings of Cajun fare that is sure to make any newcomer a fan of fresh Louisiana cuisine.

The menu at Mama Callie's Louisiana Seafood has a heavy focus on Cajun and coastal dishes, and visitors will find plenty of options to satisfy an extra-large appetite. Popular broiled seafood dishes include crawfish, blue crabs, snow crabs, and all the accompanying fixings, while visitors who prefer their fresh catch fried will also find a variety of dishes including fried catfish, fried shrimp, and even fried gator bites. With a number of classic sides including corn on the cob and taters, and a collection of New Orleans-style drinks such as Hurricanes or Rum Runners, patrons will dive in Cajun flavors and a cool atmosphere with every meal. A popular spot for everyone who loves a little something spicy, unique, and all around delicious, Mama Callie's Louisiana Seafood brings the heart and soul of the Bayou to the visitors and locals of the Inner Banks.

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*Off-season hours may vary*
  • Tuesday11:00AM-09:00PM
  • Wednesday11:00AM-09:00PM
  • Thursday11:00AM-09:00PM
  • Friday11:00AM-09:30PM
  • Saturday11:00AM-09:30PM
  • Sunday12:00PM-06:00PM
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