Miss Crystal Coast Cruises is a custom-made 49 passenger catamaran that can effortlessly provide a number of family-friendly expeditions to vactioners who want to enjoy this delicate chain of barrier islands and coastal territory to it's fullest. Based out of Beaufort, the Miss Crystal Coast is specifically built for the purpose of sightseeing, and dolphin watching. Visitors can enjoy exploring the beautiful downtown beaufort area, plus unbeatable perpespectives of the region's vast array of wildlife, shorelines, and on-the-water views. The Miss Crystal Coast is equipped with a restroom onboard. 

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Miss Crystal Coast Cruises - dolphins jumping

Miss Crystal Coast Cruises

Miss Crystal Coast Cruises - Wild horses on Shackleford Banks


Miss Crystal Coast Cruises - Wild horses on Shackleford Banks

Miss Crystal Coast Cruises - Wild horses on Shackleford Banks

Miss Crystal Coast Cruises - Wild horses on Shackleford Banks

Be on the Lookout for a New Way to Explore the Cape!

The barrier islands that make up the Cape Lookout National Seashore are as beautiful as they are varied. Only a few miles off the North Carolina coast, this stretch of shoreline is a delightful mix of unspoiled beaches, wild horses, historic villages, and the iconic and eye-catching diamond-decorated Cape Lookout Lighthouse.

When touring, having the means to get around and explore is key for being able to see more, do more and enjoy your surroundings more fully. Take family and friends from the Island Express Ferry drop off at Cape Lookout and hop in one or more four-person Kubotas or pick a six-person Kawasaki for a half or whole day. Make as many stops as your heart’s desire while you tool around the terrain. These ultra-fun UTVs are side-by-side utility task vehicles with off-roading capabilities combined with the comfort of a car. Can’t beat it!

At Cape Lookout, take in the smooth seas on one side of the island and the wilder surf on the other — or make no stops at all and cruise straight to The Point where y’all can admire the perimeter of clear, sea-glass colored water on both sides at once. This, too, is an unrivaled destination for searching for shells — Scotch Bonnets, Sand Dollars, Whelks and Conchs by the bucketload. Add gratitude to your trip with the ability to throw your haul in the back of the UTV and cruise to Cape Lookout Village and the old Life-Saving Station with the cool salt breeze blowing— and avoid what would have otherwise been a miles-long-walk!

The notion that places of pristine and natural beauty are worth preserving is a noble idea. The National Parks enable selected swathes of land and the wildlife that live there, to be protected. Take it all in while you cruise in your UTV and marvel at all of Cape Lookout National Seashore’s wildlife— extraordinary flora, fauna and fun while riding in the UTV means more time at your disposal. What you would’ve lost in travel and a slow slog through the sand with bags and buckets in tow you make up for in activities and memories to last a lifetime.

Hopping the ferry to Cape Lookout is an adventure in and of itself riding one of the comfortable, fast and new catamarans of Island Express Ferry Service, the National Park Service concessionaire. Watch for ponies roaming on Shackleford Banks, wait for the lighthouse to appear in the distance and count the minutes ‘till you’ll be cruising the shore in your UTV — freedom to go where you want, when you want and stop when it suits your crew —then you’re ready for the dream to end and to head home.

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