• Thursday, August 3rd

Beaufort has a deep-seated history and legacy when it comes to sailing, and competitors and spectators alike can celebrate this culture by participating in the Traditional Skiff Regatta. Held in early August, this event features a fast-paced cruise around the islands for the coveted Shanghai Trophy, and the evening is quite an engaging show for both participants, and anyone who can catch a view of the action from a downtown waterfront perspective.

The Shanghai Trophy was originally awarded to a winner in the Comet class, and while the disappearance of Comets left the trophy in limbo, it was revitalized with a resurgence in sailing activity in the Carteret County region, beginning in the 1950s. Since then, it has been awarded to that class of vessels with the greatest representation in the race, and the historic trophy can be admired before and after the event at its home at the Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center. The ensuing race launches from this specific corner of Downtown Beaufort, and anyone who is strolling along Taylor’s Creek in the heart of the downtown area will have an opportunity to catch the action. Fun for everyone who loves a little on-the-water entertainment, the Traditional Skiff Regatta is a historic event with a lot of local flair.