Take a walk on the wild side with a downtown adventure that’s commandeered by the fantastically fascinating Beaufort Pirate Walk. This tour company leads visitors through the streets of “American’s Best Small Town” on the hunt for the legends and stories of the famed pirates that called this traditional North Carolina port home. Along the way, buccaneer tour-goers will be treated to plenty of historical facts and tall tales that seem, on the surface, way too entertaining to be remotely educational.

Visitors who embark on the Beaufort Pirate Walk will be led by a fully costumed pirate guide who will spin tales from the perspective of one of the region’s many historical figures, including Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Stede Bonnet. Patrons will then wander down the exact same streets that Blackbeard and other legendary outlaw privateers walked more than 300 years ago, while learning about unique and lesser-known chapters in Beaufort’s rich history, like the Beaufort Pirate Invasion of 1747. Diligent research and warm personalities combine to make the experience both engaging and fun, and even kids will enjoy the “outside-the-classroom” history lessons that are in store throughout the trek. Family friendly and entertaining, Beaufort Pirate Walk sheds new light on this region’s swashbuckling legacy.

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