Visitors of all ages can celebrate the local arts scene and discover their own creative side at the wholly unique New Bern Arts & Wellness Center. Striving to be an oasis for folks who want to explore both their creative potential and overall wellness of the body of mind, the New Bern Arts & Wellness Center offers a collection of classes, programs, and even artworks for sale to entice visitors and locals alike to join in the fun.

There are a lot of cool programs at the New Bern Arts & Wellness Center which can cater to visitors and locals of all ages and interests. The center hosts a wide array of yoga classes throughout the week that are designed for kids, adults, and beginning and advanced fitness fans alike. In addition, there’s also plenty of art classes and programs that can range from open studios to special classes where patrons can learn a new skill or foster an artistic talent. With so much to discover, (and membership available for regular visitors), the New Bern Arts & Wellness Center is a great destination for a world of fitness activities, creative pursuits, and much more in the heart of downtown New Bern.

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