• Monday, April 15th 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The small town of Beaufort is well known for its collection of unique boutiques, gift shops, and other stores that can’t be found anywhere else, and visitors can take an area-wide shopping excursion to the next level by attending the annual Publick Day at the Beaufort Historic Site. During this special day-long event, the Beaufort Historic Site will be crowded with vendors of all varieties, selling unique goodies that can range from homemade jewelry to locally crafted artworks, and patrons are free to attend, explore, and discover new treasures to take home as a truly unique souvenir.

Shoppers will never know what they will find at the annual Publick Day, however the event traditionally features a wealth of unique goodies by local artists, craftsmen, and other vendors throughout the Crystal Coast area and well beyond. Expect to see a myriad of jewelry, books, pottery and much, much more, which will all be featured in a lovely outdoor setting on the grounds of the Beaufort Historic Site. With so many unique goodies on display, and free admission for everyone who wants to stop by this downtown attraction, Publick Day is a great way for shoppers to find a wealth of goodies without ever leaving the heart of the Crystal Coast.