Located within a historic building along Front Street, Sparrow Art Décor & More pays homage to its homegrown New Bern roots with an eye-catching collection from dozens of artists from around the region and beyond. With a distinctive collection that is found within historic and beautifully appointed rooms, this bright and unique gallery is a great destination for art fans and shoppers who love to explore the history and arts scene of the Inner Banks.

Sparrow Art Décor & More is located within the famed “Sparrow House,” and visitors can peruse the authentic rooms of the home while browsing a collection of works from incredibly talented artists. Though there’s no telling what new and surprising pieces may be on display, visitors can expect to find gorgeous paintings and / or prints, photography, sculpture, and even home accents or jewelry pieces while exploring the varying rooms. With a nice dose of history that’s evident around every corner, Sparrow Art Décor & More is a fun spot for sightseers of all varieties who love to uncover the stories of New Bern and beyond. Featuring plenty of reasons to explore, Sparrow Art Décor & More is a must stop for history buffs and art fans during any New Bern exploration.


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New Bern
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