A stand-alone store that is stocked with colorful fabrics of every variety, Mill Outlet Village is known as a one-stop destination for virtually any and all fabric needs. From finding that perfect coastal upholstery to freshen up a home, to picking up armfuls of delicate fabric for special dresses and projects, the expansive Mill Outlet Village is a fun spot for artistic shoppers of all tastes.

Mill Outlet Village is originally one of Raleigh, North Carolina’s oldest and most established fabric retailers, and the shop originated in 1958. Today, the New Bern location features thousands of square feet of fabrics in all varieties, which can be utilized for a wealth of projects around the home. Popular and sought-after items for sale as the expansive shop include area rugs, upholstery fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns, marine fabrics for mariners, and even drapery rods or foam for more intricate projects. With friendly staff on-site to offer assistance for any sort of project, as well as all the accessories and materials required to get the job done, Mill Outlet Village has everything that an artful shopper could possibly need to make their home, closet, or even their boat a brighter place to be.

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